The Simpsons for Social Studies Teachers provides Social Studies teachers a valuable resource that can and should be used in their lesson planning process. One of the biggest challenges in a teacher's job is to make the content exciting and new. Using modern and updated media sources is one way of accomplishing this. By using The Simpsons in the classroom, profesora-en-simpsons1.jpgteachers can:

                • Encourage critical thinking

                • Motivate discussion

                • Build a bridge to further learning

                • Lighten the mood

                • Generate interest in the subject

Use the searchable chart in the link below to find Simpsons references to a broad range of historical topics. Some references and episodes will have lesson plans and lesson materials linked to them. Feel free to borrow and use any materials that you want.

While this started as an individual project, it certainly is open to outside assistance. Feel free to email me with any suggestions or updates that you have. We are always looking for:

          • More historical Simpsons references
          • Lesson Plans and ideas
          • Comments and suggestions to make lessons work better
          • Anything else you feel could improve the website

If you decide to use any of the material from this page, please revisit the site and post a quick story or account of how the lesson went. If you have suggestions, or adaptations to any of the lessons, please share those as well.


References / Lesson Plans / GuidesThere are two different ways to search. 1) The first is a Complete Simpsons Reference Guide, which is a chart of episodes which feature usable references. Select episodes will have links to lesson plans and other resource materials.Complete Simpsons Reference Guide

2) The Second way to search is through individual subject areas. In this the references that fit into each category will be picked out and organized.
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